Compact IO Module AO-8-C

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The 8 channel analogue output module is used to generate voltage control signals.

Analogue output module, 8 outputs.

  • Screwless installation with click-on DIN-rail communication bus and power connectors
  • Push-in spring connectors for cables
  • Individually detachable terminal blocks per channel

The 8-channel analogue output module is used to generate voltage control signals. Its 8 individually configurable channels are short-circuit protected, can send out precise voltages from 0 to 10 V, and have parametrisable safeguard values in case of a rupture in communication from a serial Modbus controller.

T Bus connecter (Terminal C) required for MODBUS + and - connection along with other supply voltage 24VDC and consumes 15mA.
If more than 1 module is being installed, you only need one terminal connector, if connecting say 10 of the same or different modules, only one T Bus connector is required.

Communication: Modbus RTU (RS485) at speeds up to 57600 bps. Use no parity, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit. The module will auto-detect the communication speed of the bus (9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps).
Modbus address: The address of the module can be set from 1 to 63 by changing the position of dip-switches 1-6. Each dip-switch represents a binary value, as indicated on the module and datasheet.
Modbus loop termination: On the last module, the Modbus loop must be closed by connecting a 120 Ω resistor between the A and the B side of the RS-485 loop.

AO-8-C Fidelix Analog in module

– Analog out module
– 8 analog outputs
– Programmable default status in case of communication failure
– Short-circuit protected outputs
– Pluggable connection terminals
– RS-485 communication with Modbus protocol
– Mounting on DIN rail

The AO-8-C module is used to generate regulating voltage signals.
Each channel can be individually configured to generate 0-10V and are short-circuit protected. In the event of a loss of communication between the module and sub-central, the outputs take on the predefined status.
Quick and easy installation as the power supply and communication are integrated into the DIN rail.

Watch the YouTube video: AO-8-C youtube

Technical information:

Supply voltage: 24VDC (+/- 10
Current consumption: 10 mA + (8 x 20 mA)
Ambient operating temperature: 0 to +40 ºC
Ambient humidity operation: Max 95%RH, non-condensing
Module size: 134 mm x 78 mm x 19 mm
Module weight: 90 g
Protection class: IP20
Communication speed: 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400 bps or 57600 bps
Address range: 1 – 63
Communication protocol: Modbus RTU
Resolution: 10 bits
Normal load capacity: 10 mA
Maximum load: 20 mA
Maximum voltage: 10 V

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